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The RAMBUTAN fruit  from Guatemala is named for the Malaysian word for hair, "rambut".  Related to the lychee, the rambutan is sweet,translucent in color, with a grape-like, gelatinous texture surrounding a central seed and almond-like taste.



WILD CAUGHT ... Always the freshest catch shipped directly from coastal waters: BLUE POINT OYSTERS are very tasty from Virginia, RED SNAPPER from Trinidad. Fresh clams from Virginia include MIDDLENECK, and LITTLE CLAMS, also QUAHOG CLAMS from Maine. Florida AMBERJACK.


French Beverages PIMENTO is non-GMO, with a kicky combo of Ginger + Tonic + Chili Pepper and new Val de France ORGANIC SPARKLING JUICE in 4 flavors. PANETTONE CLASSICO CAKE is in mini 1lb size gift box.


CHICKEN PASTA ALFREDO  is now on the Restaurant menu and CHICKEN CAESAR PASTA SALAD is new to the Deli.




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Our customers have come to expect the very best quality, which is our commitment to you. We'd like to share some of their comments, notes and stories about their experiences here at Your Dekalb Farmers Market!

An email exchange recently shared with us by Lily (TaiHua Foods Marketing Manager) and Derek (a Dekalb Farmers Market customer).


Derek has contacted Lily about the ingredients of  a Tai Hua brand Soy Sauce which he purchased at Dekalb Farmers Market (edited for privacy):


From Derek to Tai Hua contact form:

I am a consumer in the USA. Can you please confirm that you do not use hydrochloric acid in your protein hydrolysis process creating your soy sauce products


Reply from Lily at Tai Hua to Derek:

Thank you for your support to Tai Hua product,  our soy sauce is 100% naturally brewed,  we do not use HVP acid,  we have indicated "naturally brewed"  on our label.   Which product are you using?   Where do you purchase from?

 I look forward to your kind reply.


Best regards

Lily Yeo

Marketing Manager

Tai Hua Food Ind Pte Ltd


Derek replies to Lily at Tai Hua:

Hello Lily: Thank you for the very quick response and re-assurance about not using HCl in your processing

 I am using the Light Soy sauce from Your Dekalb Farmers Market In Decatur Georgia USA.

 I became concerned when I read reports about the presence of a potential carcinogen in soy sauce when HCl is used to accelerate protein hydrolysis of soy. I believe that it is called 3-MPCD.

 Thank you again and best regards,



Lily at Tai Hua replies to Derek:

Dear Derek, Thank you for your kind reply,  I am glad that you are careful in selecting your soy sauce and care about how does it affecting our health,  we need more consumer like you,   in order to  promote our product in USA in a bigger way.


I am pleased to share with you that we are producing our soy sauce in the traditional way,  we take 6 months for production,  and we are using first grade of non-GMO soy beans from Canada,  and other quality raw materials all imported from other country.    3-MCPD is not detected in our soy sauce,  anyway,  Singapore Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore only allow 3-MCPD free soy sauce on the shelf,  the 3-MCPD limit set by AVA is below 0.01 mg/kg,  unlike most Europe countries,  where they allow 0.02 mg/kg,   therefore, chemical  soy sauce are not allowed to enter our market,  these soy sauce contain high level of 3-MCPD,  as they are using HVP acid,  most of them are made in China, Thailand, Korea, Philippines and Indonesia etc

So far,  we are exporting to Dekalb Farmer Market in USA only,  as they are selecting quality product.    We have yet to distribute to other part of USA,  since most of the retailers are choosing cheap soy sauce instead of quality soy sauce.

 We are exporting a lot more to Middle East market,  as most of their market require the test report on 3-MCPD as part of the shipping document,  and we are able to pass the test without fail.

 By the way,  you may buy our oyster sauce,  which is also 3-MCPD not detected.

 Thank you so much for your kind support,  we hope you enjoy our product and share more information with your friends.


Best regards

 Lily Yeo

Marketing Manager

Tai Hua Food Ind Pte Ltd



Derek response to Lily:

Dear lily: Thank you very much for your comprehensive explanation.

 I am completely re-assured now. And yes,  YDFM is a fantastic market and I do not know what I would do without their extensive, reliable and safe range of products.

 My congratulations also to your  company for not sacrificing quality and safety for economic considerations.

 My best wishes,



Lily at Tai Hua to Dekalb Farmers Market:

Dear Daniel

 How are you?  I wish to forward an enquiry which I have received recently for your kind attention.

 Thank you for marketing our product in USA,  we hope more consumers are aware of our quality and hence increase sales.


Best regards

 Lily Yeo

Marketing Manager

Tai Hua Food Ind Pte Ltd




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