New Arrivals

JACK FRUIT from Mexico is in. For those who've never tried it, the flavor of its pink, golden, or cream-colored juicy flesh is very sweet, with a hint of melon mango, papaya, and banana.

Growing to as much as 90 lbs., immature fruit can be boiled, fried, or roasted like a vegetable.


FRESH PRODUCE... ORGANIC ABATE FATEL PEARS are here from Argentina.  Exotic PASSION FRUIT from New Zealand and STAR FRUIT from Taiwan. Fresh STRAWBERRIES and RASPBERRIES from California.


WILD CAUGHT ... Always the freshest catch shipped directly from coastal waters: RED GROUPER and BLACK GROUPER from Costa Rica, CROAKER from Virginia, Florida TILAPIA, ALASKAN HALIBUT and SHRIMP from Savannah.


NUMI TEAS are Organic, Fair Trade, Healthy and Earth conscious. All Natural Boylan TONIC Soda for creative cocktail mixing. LAKEWOOD JUICES in natural flavors like pomegranate, blueberry, hibiscus and apricot.



from Wallaby and Maple Hill Creamery.


We have some of the freshest, and most diverse varieties of shellfish and seafood regionally. With over 3,000 pounds of Alaskan Salmon sold weekly and more than 2,000 pounds of shrimp, it's always the freshest!

Over 200 cuts of beef, lamb, pork, chicken, veal are prepared daily. Our veal is never frozen! The cows are humanely raised on family farms.

Our grains can’t be beat--from chia seeds to quinoa, you’ll find the staples and super foods to keep you and your family healthy. There are also organic flours and grains for your own meal preparation.




Our Stand


We declare that the world is designed to work.

 We are responsible for what does not work.

We make the difference


  No matter how technologically advanced we become,

  we cannot escape our fundamental relationships

with food and each other.


The possibility of these relationships is the

 world market.  In this context, the world works for

 everyone free of scarcity and suffering.


We commit ourselves to the possibility this

world market is for future generations of this planet

Your Dekalb Farmers Market

3000 East Ponce De Leon Avenue

Decatur, Georgia 30030





At the intersection of East Ponce De Leon Ave. and Laredo Drive, 2 miles inside of I-285 off of Exit #40 (East Ponce De Leon)

Ph: 404-377-6400 / Fax: 404-377-9274

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Hours :

Store: 9am - 9pm Daily

Business Sevices: 8am - 5pm

Closed :

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day

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