Over 450 varieties



arrive weekly

What is affecting the price of Snow Crab?

“Lochlander Salmon enjoy a high marine content diet with no GMOs, hormones, steroids or

chemical colorants in their feed”

Snow Crab season has seen a reduction of available crab.  Alaskan and

Canadian snow crab fisheries have seen a marked decrease in population

and mature male crabs.


Scientific surveys of crab fishing regions indicate that the over abundance of female crabs could

be the result of warming temperatures which makes the environment less hospitable to crab populations, reducing productivity, smaller stock sizes and fewer males.


"2016 was one of the hottest on record for water temperature," explained Ruth Christiansen, science advisor to the Alaska Bering Sea Crabbers Association. Declining crab populations have been used to determine appropriate fishing levels and is a cause for concern by Alaskan and Canadian fisheries and regulatory agencies. New fishing guidelines are expected to address fishing quotas and shortfalls.

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Fresh & Wild Caught Seafood

Yellowfin Tuna Costa Rica

Halibut from Boston

Red Snapper from Trinidad

PEI Mussels from Canada

Conch Meat from the Bahamas

Scottish Salmon

Wild Caught Shrimp form Georgia

Frozen Alligator Meat from Louisiana

Frozen Snow Crab Clusters

Live Maine Lobster

Live Catfish from Alabama

Live Blue Crab

Live Dungeness Crab

We have the Freshest Catch!

Live Maine lobster, Live Dungeness crab,Live Blue crab, and many wild caught varieties of freshwater &

saltwater clams.

Rainbow Trout

Over 450 varieties
arrive weekly

The Seafood department has a tremendous variety of the freshest fish from all over the world.


There are over 450 varieties of whole fish, fillets, and shellfish with live seafood including Maine lobster, dungeness crab from Oregon, and live catfish from Tennessee and Alabama.   Wild caught fish arrive weekly from seas as far away as Greece and New Zealand.

Customers can have their whole fish cleaned and filleted while you wait.


When visiting, you’ll be amazed at the variety, quality and value which our extensive seafood market provides. Seeing our live fish swimming in the tanks or picking out your own blue crabs is exciting for the whole family.

HUGE  Live Maine Lobsters

Lochlander Salmon is Scotland’s number one food export and it is the first non-French food to be awarded the Label Rouge quality mark from the French Government. Best practices in farming and the pure waters found only in the freshwaters and lochs of Hebrides results in a fresh salmon has a natural rosy pink color, firmer texture and delicious taste free from antibiotics.

In the remote western Highlands & Islands of Scotland time seems to move more slowly.  We can’t put a clock on nature, which is why we allow our naturally raised premium

Lochlander Scottish Salmon approximately three years to grow lean and strong.  Lochlander Salmon are nurtured by our dedicated Scottish Salmon Masters, unrivalled in their passion for fish care giving our customers Scottish Salmon you can be Proud of.

The Federation of Chefs Scotland gave the Salmon an unequivocal “stamp of approval” for its outstanding quality, sea fresh taste, firmness and handling attributes. At a recent product evaluation session held in Scotland’s world famous Gleneagles Hotel, the representatives of The Federation were fulsome in their praise.